Friday, February 17, 2012

Crib Conundrum

Currently Adalyn's crib is in the closet.

A closet crib that Mr. B and his dad made.
I have a post in the works explaining the details of that.
It has worked out so great in her small nursery!

I am a little bit sad to have to re-do her nursery.
I love how it turned out and I am hoping I will be able to make her new one just as cute/good!

Her new room will be a lot bigger which is a plus.
It's a weird shape, but long enough that I can have a sleeping area and a play area. 

And it's big enough for....a crib!

So now we are on the hunt for a new crib.

Babies R Us is having the trade in event and it ends this weekend. 
{You can bring in any baby item super old or super new, doesn't matter, and you get 25% off a new product}

So we will be purchasing a new crib for her this weekend!

The question is....
are the convertible cribs worth the extra money??

I don't really like that it jumps from a toddler bed to a full size bed.
I didn't even sleep in a full size bed until we bought one for when we were married!
What if when we buy a house the extra bedrooms aren't big enough for a full size bed, toys, bureau etc. 

Is it better just to have one crib and use it for {hopefully} other babies in our future?
Or is it better to buy a new convertible crib for each child?

So....please share your thoughts!
What crib do you have? 
Do you love it? Hate it? Is it convertible?


Mama Laughlin said...

Both the boys have their own convertible cribs and dressers that will stay with them for hopefully a LONG time.
We wanted each of them to have some nicer furniture that could grow with them so we wouldnt have to buy furniture down the road.

Plus- I always slept in a twin size bed (until I got married- we were in a queen and just recently bought a king) and I HATED having a twin.
I like that its a little roomier for them.

L said...

I love your crib closet btw. I have an Ikea crib that I love. It's low to the ground which I adore because I am short and I used a friends convertible crib while visiting couldnt reach the bottom to lay my babe down when it's on the lowest setting. Also should baby manage to climb out -not as far to fall from a shorter crib. Mine was about $100 and converts to a toddler bed.

Emily said...

My aunt has convertible cribs for both of her kids and she said she wouldn't have gone any other way. And my little cousin, who's 4, loves his big boy bed! She just put up a side sleeper so in case he rolls closer to the edge.

Rachel and John said...

we have a plain old crib and love it. We plan to move Henry to a normal single bed and then maybe to a double bed (since we have 2 already). I think toddler beds are kinds silly...and aren't used for a long time. So what's the point?

Just my opinion.

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I would agree - I think toddler beds are used for a very short time. We have convertible cribs for our twin girls, but we plan to keep only one for the new baby and feel the other -- and then get twin or full beds for the girls. I think it's money well spent to invest in the bed that will be with them for the long term. Just my opinion, too.

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

*sell* the beds ... not feel the beds. Oops.

Holly said...

We have FOUR of the Graco Sarah cribs currently and they are convertible and we love them! They retail about $150 and have worked great for us! I really was reassured about how stupid it was of me to think about buying expensive cribs when my girls started chewing on the railings...all babies will chew and bite on them and a $150 dollar crib is no different than a $400 dollar crib with bite marks! :) So glad we made the purchase of a cheaper crib for our triplets (plus 1).

Amy said...

this is just me I nannyed for a baby who when she got older they had the crib with the changing table hooked to the crib and she would climb out of the crib and climb on the changing table to get out!!! We got our crib at Target :-) happy hunting for cribs :-) her room is so cute now!

Natalie said...

I didn't even think about the crib situation when you said you were moving!!!
I think Callyn's crib is a convertible (I honestly don't know!) but we are planning to keep her in it until we have another baby (unless she's too big/old for it by then depending when that day comes) and the move her to a twin daybed we have and put one of those little rail things on it. Just our plan! Our friends have toddler beds and they're pointless-they're just as expensive, if not more, than a twin bed and last for MAYBE a year or two tops before they outgrow it.

lisa said...

It's been a while since I checked your blog! Congrats on the new place! We had a dropside for my oldest, which had to get traded in and we got a now sits in a closet, because we already had my old twin bed in his room...the mattress just went on the floor when he started out in a big boy bed. Of course, he was still in a crib when my youngest was born, so we got my youngest a crib that looks like a dropside, but isn't and it only converts to a toddler bed. I personally don't see the point in convertibles...oh and both my kids chewed their cribs anyways...

Judy @ Big Baby Small Space said...

It's definitely a good idea to prolong the life of the crib. But before I go into that. What an awesome job you did for the initial nursery!! Love your resourcefulness and the colors and overall design. It looks so fresh. I'm sure your child's room will always look great! Back to the longevity of a crib. Think of a convertible crib from baby to toddler bed. Single beds are not that expensive and if you are planning on having more kids, you'll need that convertible crib for the next baby.