Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hair we go again....again

Almost two years ago {I can't believe it's been that long!} I posted about my hair saga.
Surprise, surprise I am back to where I started. 
Both with the highlighting and length situation.
It's basically a never ending battle. 
And I do realize that my life is going pretty darn well if this is my battle. 
Thinking about it, I realize this is a completely vain post, but it's a girl problem and I could use some advice.

The status of my hair typically revolves around two things:
1. Money

2. My age

I understand the suspense of my current hair situation might kill you, but instead of posting the same story/pictures head on over to that post first.

Then {if the suspense didn't kill you} come back here so you can hear my drawn out complaints this time around. 

I really do like having long hair. 
My pregnancy really helped speed up the long dreaded grow out process. 
The problem I always have with long hair is looking younger than I am. 
Especially now that I have a baby, I really don't like going out and having people think I am a teen mom. 
People can be really rude with their looks and it's not appreciated.
I feel like I want to wear a shirt that says "I am 24 and married. Stop with the looks!!!"

Also, my sister is 14- TEN YEARS YOUNGER than me- when we go out people think we are the same age! 
This is a problem. 

We went to a Zumba class the other night and the older ladies kept making comments about how young we were and how we wouldn't understand what it's like to have a small bladder and make it through the jumping songs without the need to pee etc because they've all had kids etc etc
Ummmmmm I had 8 weeks ago!!!! 
I am flattered that they couldn't tell and I was too shy to say anything, so I just let it be.
And by "let it be" I mean make snarky remarks in my head.

Then last night put me over the edge when my Grammie told me that her friend was looking at a picture of our family and thought that I was Ali's YOUNGER sister. 

So the time has come. 
I was waiting until I lost some more weight because I know I am not going to look how I did before with short hair. 
You know, the whole best-shape-of-your-life-for-your-wedding-then-get-married-eat-like-your-husband-and-gain-twenty-pounds thing. 
Oh, you don't know about that? 
Yeah, I don't either....ahem.

So I've had a few styles and colors and body shapes {both hair and actual body}. 
I'm not 100% sure what look I will go for.
I'm kind of scared.
Do I realllly want it short again?
I think I do. 

I don't want to go as drastic as last time, 
{Look how different A looks in 3 years!}

but really, the shoulder length hair makes me look the youngest. 
I wish I could do this style
But my hair is too thick and I think I will still look young. 
So I think I will have to go a little past my chin. 

Now the decision is what style??
I know this is really awkward to have so many pictures of just me...but I need some advice and as I'm sure you all know- you go into the salon expecting to look like Jennifer Aniston and come out looking like...yourself. GASP. Disappointment every single time. So this is my hair, this is the different styles I've had {ignore the color} 

What do you think??


Holly said...

Oh my gosh, your hair looks so good short! I love it and I do think it does make you look older! I love having short hair but my hubby loves it long, so it's a constant battle between what I want and what he likes...I'm about ready to chop it all off too! Must be something about having babies and then wanting a new do! :)

Em said...

I like 6, 2, and 4!

Suze said...

I like 4 6 7 and 8 in no particular order :)

Rachel and John said...

I like 7 and 8!

Mama Laughlin said...

#1 & 6 are my faves! I LOVE your hair short!!!
It def does make you look older!

Mama Whitfield said...

#1 is my fav! I love the cut AND color! Wish I could pull off short hair like that! So cute!

Cadie said...

#1!! Super cute! If I had straight hair, I would have that style all the time. You look older but would still look like a 'young, sexy mom.' That's what we all try to look like, right?!? I have the same problem as you, I look super young and everyone thinks my little sister is older than I am. I know the feeling of the horrible stares. I try to flash my wedding ring every chance I get, but still the looks come when they find out that I'm pregnant with our third...oh well. Good luck! :)

Mallorie said...

First are SO pretty! Seriously! And I LOVE 4 and 7. The color is 7 is beautiful!!! you look great with long and short hair though! I do like the short haircuts as well. I need to cut mine. I feel like I look 12 years old too!

I actually had someone come up to Emma Claire and I and after talking for a bit she looked around and said, "Oh is she yours?" HA! I just laughed and said YES! She must've thought I was babysitting or something. So strange!

Lori said...

oh what a fun post!! I just cut me hair 2 weeks ago, I kept it a little longer in the front than the back since I like still having the "length." I do think you are gorgeous either way...short or long! I also think that you look so FAB in #8's style!!

Sarah said...

love the short bob

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jordan can I relate! :) I just went back and read your post from 2 years ago and girl you have your long beautiful brown hair back! Why cut/color it now? It seemed like exactly what you wanted in your first post. Who cares if you look like a young mom. BUT if you must cut it... :) (Which looks great either way) my favorite cut is either 1 or 3. I think you look great with brunette hair, but great as a blonde too (although I know from experience that it's an expensive up keep!)

Natalie said...

1 or 6!! Love the cut AND color of #1! you look great with short hair (and long!) I do the exact same thing-whenever it's short I want it long so I grow it out, then in a year when it's long I want to cut it. My hair is SOO thick it's too much of a pain to keep long even though I love it (it's also curly so it takes forever to dry and straighten) so I always end up with short hair, which I think I ultimately like better anyway!

Joeylee said...

I love #1, super cute!! I'm having the same problem, I need to do something different with my hair. Its driving me nuts

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I am jealous - you can pull off so many different hairstyles and they all look great! I think 7 and 8 are my faves.

Melissa Jo said...

I like #1 and #7!

Jackie said...

LOVE #8!!!

Krystal said...

LOVE 7 and 8!

Hilary Lane said...

1, 6, & 7 are my favorites! I loooove the dark color on you. I think it looks great with your eyes. That same stacked look looks best on me, too (I think), but I hate that you can't put it in a pony, so I always end up growing mine out. Good luck!

Lil' Woman said...

First your a doll and I love your hair but if I had to pick one it would be #1...super cute yet still sassy and a bit more mature.

Emily said...

I love your hair short AND long! You have very pretty hair! I like 3 and 4 best :)

Anonymous said...

I like 2! I really like the highlights!

Paige said...

1 & 6! LOVE them both!!

Danielle said...

1 & 7 are my fave!!! I love them On you! Ihave the young problem as well. My sister is 18 and looks years older than me! Everyone thinks I am the baby. I guess we will apprecuate this in a couple years :)