Thursday, February 16, 2012

Busy Bees

Well I give myself props for having one consistent week of blogging, ha!

I always intend on writing a post, but then...
I don't.

This time around I feel like I have some legit excuses though.

We've been busy bees around here.

1. We are getting ready for our family vacation.

I could really go for some sun, pina coladas, warmth and a tan...but we are going somewhere where this type of apparel is needed...
{btw, found this at a thrift store for $4.99! Excellent condition and from Macy's!}
it's a good thing she looks so cute. 
It eases the pain of a wintery vacation a little bit.

We are excited to see my grandparents though and to have them meet Adalyn for the first time!
Mr.B, Papa G and the sibs are looking forward to skiing too!

2. Getting ready for the big move

We've been busy doing some of this...
as well putting all the crap valuable items inside the boxes.

We will be moving the following weekend we get back from vacation, so we need to pretty much have everything packed and ready to go before we leave! 

And for those wondering what hair style I went with..
that will have to hold you over until I can get a good/not awkward looking self-portrait.

It's much easier to look silly on purpose then trying to look good and looking silly.

Get my drift?
ok, great.

1 comment:

Rachel and John said...

The photo you put on Twitter was good. I love your hair cut! I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. Have a lovely vacation!!!