Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thursday's Ten

{one} I am so so so excited that The Vow comes out tomorrow! I kind of have high expectations for it which will probably be a bad thing, but with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams it can't really be bad. 

{two} Roxie was driving me nuts this morning. She has some days where she wakes up and decides she's not a fan of Adalyn. Today was one of those days. She wouldn't stop barking/"talking", she started biting Adalyn's toys, biting my socks, ringing the bells over and over and over. She just needed to play and let out some energy, but I was busy with the baby and oh my goodness...could not stand her.

{three} I am sometimes mean to Roxie during the day and then I feel guilty at night when she is cuddling with us and then the next day...rinse and repeat.

{four} I think Adalyn is going to have blue eyes. I know she still has time for them to change, but I feel like they might be here to stay! Mr. B has bluish/greyish eyes and since brown eyes are more dominant I thought for sure she would....

{five} Baby smiles never get old. Especially when it comes from a little someone that you've made.

{six} I am so excited to move! I bought some moving boxes today and I can not wait to start packing! And possibly getting rid of somethings. I am a borderline hoarder though so we will see what happens. It's times like this when you realize just how much crap valuable belongings you have. 

{seven} I am also excited to whip up some Pinterest DIYs in our new place! And I still don't really know how to find people to follow on there so if you're on it {who isn't?!?} could you find me and follow so I can follow you back? I don't really know how you would find me...maybe jpsmelser?

{eight} I cut Adalyn's nails all the time and she still manages to scratch her face off. This has been a new thing since her hands have been attempting to find her mouth and it's not always successful. She took a little chunk out of her forehead on Sunday and then she scratched her nose twice yesterday and then she woke up and her cheeks were scratched this morning! I'm thinking I might need to cut and file them- so I did that today and I hope it helps! 

{nine} I am trying to blog more again- I have been pretty successful this week! I think the key for me is to plan ahead/have "themed" days. 

{ten} I had a cute idea planned {thanks to Pinterest!} for Mr. B's birthday from Adalyn and she didn't really cooperate like I had in mind...shocking right? This new love for her hands was really messing with my pictures. And then I realized that I wouldn't have enough time to erase and re-write and have her smile for a picture- it would take way too long. So after the first one I decided to make it blank and then just add the text on Picnik {which is a post for another day!}. So I did what I could and in the end it still came out cute{how could it not with that little monkey??} 
and Mr. B loved it!


Natalie said...

cute daddy gift--love it!! :)
no matter how often i cut callyn's nails, she still scratches her face during her sleep now taht she's un-swaddled. i give up and just assume she will always have scratches :(

Joeylee said...

That's a cute daddy gift.
Don't feel bad I've been mean to our dog a time or two when I had the babies, they'll get over it.

I think your the only person I know who is excited to move...haha. I hate moving.

Lil' Woman said...

Love the chalkboard pics...that is adorable :)