Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quarter of a Year

Yesterday I woke up next to a smiley 3 month old.

How is it possible that our little Smelly Bean is already a quarter of a year old?!?          
This has been the most difficult month, but also the most fun.
It seemed like she was doing something new every day.
And there's my queue that we've taken enough pictures...
As Mr. B would say " I know where she gets those looks from..."
Obviously him.
I never give dirty looks.

I'm hoping to get her 3 month recap in before vacation, but we will see!


Joeylee said...

Happy 3 months Adalyn. She is adorable

Mallorie said...

Oh my, she just gets cuter each day!! And I love our smiley pictures but the sass face pictures have a special place in my heart as well. I feel like that is when I see a lot of personality come out! :-) Hope that month four is a great one. I think that month four has been my favorite so far!

Rachel and John said...

LOVE her headband!