Thursday, May 26, 2011

Two Pink Line {I think...} Pt. 2

So I left off with Part 1 where we saw the 2 very faint pink lines.

But they did appear on both tests so....

this was legit.

I thought it would be cute to buy a little St. John onesie to tell Mr. B's parents.

It was a different way to tell them, but it was also a cute keepsake for us. 


We already had dinner plans and I thought maybe we could have them open it at dinner and be totally surprised. 
Something a little more exciting than just blurting it out. 

I knew we weren't going to be able to do anything like that for my parents, there was no way I could keep it a secret until we got home! 
So I really wanted to do at least one semi-creative thing to announce it. 

The search was on for a little onesie.
 Like we weren't already leaving his parents enough on the pregnancy test hunt, now we were returning back to the shops hoping we would find a onesie. 

Surely the stores would sell a St. John onesie! 

Well, not these shops at the resort. Only baby t-shirts, and I felt like that didn't really scream baby.

New plan: Ask if we can leave for dinner a little early to go to the shops downtown to buy my parents a gift for watching Roxie.

{A lie with a good intention, that makes it ok right?}

So we told them we would meet them at the restaurant,  and we slyly search the shops so they won't see us or what we are buying. We couldn't find any gender neutral onesies so we ended up buying a girl bib and a boy baby t-shirt. 

They could each open one, put the two pieces together- hugs. hooray. we are pregnant. wohoo.



We waited for the perfect moment to tell them. 

 Smelly Senior joked around asking if we bought him a gift, too.


Mr. B told him that we actually did have a gift for them, he took out the baby items that were wrapped in tissue paper and gave one to his mom and one to his dad.

They were totally caught off guard.

And they were totally confused.

Smelly Senior didn't quite understand why we bought him a girl bib, but to play along he put the bib on and said thank you.

Mama K was confused why we bought her a little boy t-shirt, but quickly caught on.

This is for them to give to Mr. B's sister who already has a little boy and is pregnant with a little girl.

We are so sweet, right?


Operation "Surprise We Are Pregnant"= FAIL.

Of course they would think those are gifts for her, what were we thinking?!

Mr. B clarified the situation and told them that this is not for his sister's baby.

And that's where these faces come into play.
Something a little more a long the lines of what we were hoping for!

They were ecstatic and tearful and we were still in shock and so so happy that we could share that special moment with them face to face. 

And I was thrilled to have captured that moment and those candid surprised faces. I was really torn between pictures or a video, but these are hilarious and a lot easier to save and use so I am glad I went with just the camera.

And now for the ever so creative way I told my parents.....

And just to make myself not look like a complete loser that was having a conversation with myself to my mom. She called me after, so please don't feel bad for me because I know that looks like a sad situation! Ha! And I promise I am not making that up to make myself look better. For reals.

We arrived home late Saturday night and I was so anxious to test on Sunday morning with the one and only king of all tests- Clear Blue digital.

This would be the final final answer.

So once again, I did my thing {I've gotten really good at it btw} and we waited and watched the little sand timer thing, that probably has an official name that I can't think of right now....

There it was.

Now I really believe it. 

I had a fun way to tell my siblings, but while my sister was waiting for me in the car she saw my camera and started flipping through the pictures! And when I returned she said, so do you have anything to tell me????? She's a little sneak! So I ended up just telling the rest of them when we were out for lunch after church. 

I told the rest of my family and my grandparents by showing them the slideshow of pictures from our vacation. Those pictures popped up at the end, it took a while to click and they were all so excited, too! 

 We called all other family members and shared the wonderful news. We are so blessed to be surrounded by such supportive and loving family. Everyone has been praying for us, and it was such an answer to prayer to be able to call and tell them!

I really wanted to keep it a secret from most people until I was in my 2nd trimester, but when you've been trying for what seems like forever you want to tell EVERYONE! Seriously, I was even telling people in the stores! Pretty much anyone who I talked to face to face, I told. I decided I would keep it quiet for as long as I could on here and on facebook. I still haven't said anything on facebook yet, I think I will do that next week. I have just been a super paranoid freakazoid, so I am waiting just a little bit longer. 

Tomorrow I will introduce you to our precious little one- along with it's official blog name! 
Super suspenseful, right? ;) 


Amanda said...

Hahaha I had not heard this story yet! Although in your defense Michael has not worn a onesie in like a year!

Amanda said...

i'm so excited for you!!! love the surprised faces! :)

Natalie said...

Bummer that your plan totally backfired but it makes for a good story : ) One that you can tell the babe one day!

Melissa said...

HAHA - You crack me up. Love it. :) Congrats!

Lil' Woman said...

I love their faces.....priceless!!

Laina Scott said...

I was the same way when we tried and nothing and then no try and BAM! I didn't want to tell anyone until the 2nd tri but then my mom said, "Tell everyone and get the prayer coverage". The people you have told now are praying hard for you and the lil smelly ;) Praise our sweet Jesus! He knows the birthdays etc our little ones are supposed to have. ;) Good thing He always knows best ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the story. Seriously, it's perfect. :) And the necklace? Looks very familiar :) LOVE it too!! I'm sooo happy for you guys. I know that you will make a wonderful Mommy!