Thursday, July 7, 2011

19 Weeks

I was really torn on what to post about today: the 4th weekend, Baby update or a very serious {but not really} email I received about one of my favorite place with a giant mouse and awesome pizza. 
Since I will be 20 weeks tomorrow I decided to go with the 19 week update and will hopefully post about the others tomorrow....

Gender: GIRL!!! 

Total Weight Gained: I weighed myself at my in-laws' this past weekend in the morning and I weighed the same as my last appointment, but a couple days ago at my parents' in the afternoon and I had gained 1 pound from my pre-pregnancy weight. So I haven't officially been weighed at the Dr yet and I won't until early August and I am sure by then I will have gained some real weight! Thinking I might just invest in a scale...

Sleep: Still not going too well! But after a few bad nights, I usually have one good night! We finally have our new windows installed so that puts us one step closer to having AC! 

Maternity Clothes: Still LOVE. Wear mostly non-maternity shirts and dresses, but love my shorts and capris. 

Best Moment of the Week: We had our 20 week anatomy scan Tuesday evening- it's always so great to get a sneak peek into her world. See her healthy and moving all around!

{We had so many other cute ones that they ended up keeping :( There were like 50 print outs and we only got 4, I wish we could've kept which ones...oh well..}

Food Cravings: Lots and lots of aversions, but my appetite is slowly coming back. Still loving sweet and sour things though!  Loving Nerds this week!

Aversions: Pretty much everything, but two major major aversions: 
 1. Steak  2. Wishbone Italian Dressing.     GAG!

Symptoms: This week has been kinder to me than 18 weeks, but I have still had more days than not of "morning" sickness.  The 4th of July morning was my worst- got sick 4 times in just 3 hours! Thankfully 4 was the lucky number for the day, I guess that was her way of celebrating :) The heart burn has subsided this week- thank you Jesus! 

Movement: Yes! Hoping for some bigger movements though, but these flutters are wonderful!

What I miss: Not feeling sick in the car, being able to slowly wake up/relax in bed until I am ready to get up, a good night sleep. But who cares- it's all SO worth it! 

What I'm looking forward to: Feeling some harder kicks and movement for others to feel!

Weekly Wisdom: Always carry a granola bar or little snack with you. You never know when that sudden wave of nausea will hit and you need to eat NOW. This has saved me many many times!

Milestones: Our baby girl is measuring exactly to the day, she is healthy, active and has all her organs! We also got to see her 10 little fingers and toes! So cute! 

Please note all the ducks that made their way into the photo this week ;) 
Mr. B chased them to that side, I guess this has become his trademark...

I was fixing my shirt in this picture, but it gives you a better idea of my growing belly and widening belly button- ha! I have a deep inny belly button and I feel like this is the first time I can actually see the bottom of it. I can't decide if I would rather have one that pops out or one that is just a giant stretched hole. Not that I have a choice anyways! 

And right after that little photo sesh, I threw up for the 4th and final time! Let's hope 20 weeks will be better! 


Mama Laughlin said...

well you're looking great!
I love that we are so close!!
And i, too, have a very deep innie. last time it didnt pop out and I dont think it will this time either!

as far as sleeping goes- i slept TERRIBLE with Big T.
I used to have to take really hot baths right before bed bc it would relax my muscles and I could sleep better.
I'd often wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning and take another hot bath if i couldnt sleep.

Also, a hard workout will really help you sleep better too.
That's what I've done this time and it works wonders!

Lil' Woman said...

You look so cute! : )
I hope your morning sickness gets better.

Mateya said...

You look great! I the sickness starts to go away soon!

Do ya'll have a name picked out yet?

Jillian said...

You are so adorable!!