Thursday, July 28, 2011

22 Weeks

I know these types of posts aren't interesting for everyone to read, but they will be nice to look back on and I might as well be documenting while I have the time and some memory.

120 days until her due date! 

::This week's Milestone: 1. Mr. B & some family members felt her kicking!!
2. Painted the nursery and found fabric for curtains  ::

Gender: GIRL!!! 

Total Weight Gained: 3 pounds

Sleep: Most nights = insomnia. My best sleep is usually 6:30-9 in the morning {after Mr. B leaves, hmmm coincidence?}

Maternity Clothes: Still LOVE. Wear mostly non-maternity shirts and dresses, but love my shorts and capris. Most of my non-maternity shirts are not looking quite as cute as they use to.

Best Moment of the Week: Feeling much harder kicks and Mr. B, two sisters and my dad feeling her move too.

Food Cravings: Appetite is definitely coming back- wohoo! Can't think of any real cravings yet.

Aversions: Still not a fan of 
 1. Steak  2. Wishbone Italian Dressing.    

Symptoms: Heart burn and still getting sick. I actually just got sick right when I got to this question! My whole breakfast - english muffin w/peanut butter, purple grapes and fruit punch...lovely. 
I also had a close call on Saturday when we were at Home Depot looking at paints, I started to feel sick, quickly made my way to the car and waited for Mr.B to purchase everything. As we started driving home I thought for sure I wasn't going to make it, we pulled in the drive way, he runs to unlock the door and I run to the bathroom and make it just in time. Like threw up standing up, just just opened the toilet lid. Whew! Nice visuals, huh?

Movement: Yes! Feeling lots of flutters and some big movements too. It's so reassuring :)

What I miss: Not feeling sick in the car, being able to slowly wake up/relax in bed until I am ready to get up, a good night sleep. But who cares- it's all SO worth it! 

What I'm looking forward to:  Currently, I am hoping that we will get pre-approved for a house that we realllly want and I am looking forward to getting the results of that to see if we can move forward with moving plans! And with that comes more decoration and nursery ideas! If that doesn't happen, I am still looking forward to adding more details to our current newly painted nursery. 

Weekly Wisdom: Go with your gut on paint colors. I told Mr. B I really didn't think the color we choose was dark enough, he insisted I was having a "pregnant moment" and needed to calm down and it will be fine when it is dry. He continues to paint the whole room, and a second dries. I still don't love it.  I knew it from the begining. And now we are keeping it because it's already done and not that big of a deal. 

And for fun, here is a little comparison:

I feel like I have grown even in my two 22 week pictures! 


Momma Wilson said...

totally keep up with the pictures! My baby is 2 and I still love looking back at mine and reading what I was thinking at the time:)

sorry you're still puking, that is not fun!

PattyAnn said...

You look adorable! And I hope your sickness, goes away soon!

Jillian said...

I'm sorry you are still getting sick:( but you look fabulous!

Natalie said...

I think these posts are fun to read :) BUt maybe just because I'm pregnant too!
i love your top-you look adorable!
I thought grapes were one of the WORST things to throw up-not sure why? Maybe because of the skin because I hated throwing up plums, too. Gross. so anyway, I feel bad for you :( My doctor told me at 20 weeks that I should be feeling significantly better around 24 weeks and I sure did! So I hope and pray it will be the same for you. I still get sick occasionally but rarely now. I hope the same happens for you because it is NOT a fun boat to be in! But of course our precious girls are SO worth it! :)

Stew and Allison said...

Love your blog! You're so cute with the baby belly. Can't wait to follow along!
And - I love that adorable Boxer too. Ours is almost 7 and he's been amazing with the baby!