Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Blessing Box

Today I'm linking up with some of my favorite bloggers that have become my closest friends!
This was originally Natalie's link up a few years ago and we are bringing it back with a new look and new friends.
Copy the code at the end and feel free to join in and share the ways that God has been blessing you this week!
This week I've been blessed with the blessing of a church family. 
Something I've always wanted and something that I know will continue to grow and be strengthened overtime. 
Included in this is also the blessing to go to the same church as my immediate family. 
I love that we can all worship together on Sundays. 
I love that our family has been extended and we now have a church family outside of just our family.
Was that enough "family" for one sentence? I'm not sure...
We have all branched out and formed our own relationships and it's been wonderful. 
We had been hurt by our previous church, we church shopped a bit and we have been going to our new church for a little over a year.
It is exactly what we needed- for both my family and my little family.
God knew. 
We were craving the community. 
The church family. 
And now we have it. 
On Sunday after church we went to a park and played Ultimate Frisbee with some church friends.
And by "we" I mean Mr. B, my two brothers, sister and dad.
Me, my mom and Adalyn ate french fries and watched.
Just keepin' it real.
Adalyn is so loved at church. 
You can usually find a little group of older kids around her at any moment
and it blesses my heart.
I am so thankful for them, the love that they have for her and also the love that she has for them.

I'm blessed by my group of mom friends from our church.
Another thing I had always craved. 
Not only can we get together and have fun, I know I can count on them for anything.
To have friends to turn to, that can back you up in prayer, is such a blessing
There's so much blessing in church community.
Church family.
Friendships founded on the Lord. 
If you don't have that I'd encourage you to step out, get plugged in and find it! 
You will be blessed! 

On a sidenote: Today is the first day I didn't have to wake up early and have strange men banging on my house all day! HUGE blessing, let me tell ya! The siding is finally finished and I'll post pictures after I get the fall decor/flowers up and it looks all pretty!
Grab the code, link up and share how the Lord has blessed you this week!
And be encouraged as you read how He has been blessings others! 


Beth Ann said...

So happy you found a good fit. And yes- going to church with your immediate family is so awesome! I miss that about "home-home" so much. One of the things I most look forward to with moving back. Adalyn will have such fond memories of being in church with her grandparents and family!

Natalie said...

hehe, yes we did write about the same thing :) But how awesome that we both belong to these amazing, God fearing, Bible teaching churches?! Wow, we are blessed ladies! God is good to provide that fellowship and truth based teaching!!! Praise be to Him!

Angie said...

Something I've always craved yet still haven't found