Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Blessing Box

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I've had a post I've been wanting to write about for a while and today is the perfect opportunity.
I've been wanting to write about the 
blessing of worship music
It's a wonderful reminder of truth and hope that brings so much joy, comfort and peace in all different seasons of life- particularly for me, the songs of declaration. 
The song "Healer" is one of my all-time favorite songs.
It was a song that I sang with confidence over and over when we failed to conceive month after month. 
This song was playing in the background as I cried out to the Lord, tears streaming down my face, hands laid on me, begging the Lord to "open my womb". 
Two weeks later, I was pregnant. 
As time drew closer for trying for baby #2 I would get waves of fear and dread.
I didn't want to go through that again.
But that song was always a reminder to me that He WAS my healer, He IS my healer and He will BE my healer. 
I trust in Him.
I do.
Fear + worry= not trusting.
I trust in Him.
There's another Hillsong song, that we sing frequently at our church, that I hid in my heart before we officially started trying.
There's a line in the song that I knew I would need. 
That I knew would've encouraged me last time and I knew it would encourage me this time. 
It's from the song "You are More"
There's so much peace that comes with knowing that He is Lord over ALL our days- no matter what. 
And the best and easiest way to get through this season? With my eyes fixed on him. 
And lastly, a song that is my current fav and started the topic to this post, is a song I heard about a month ago by Chris Tomlin called "Whom shall I fear?".
Every line is so good, but here are a few that I love:
Blessed by His Promises.
Blessed that He was faithful and He will be faithful again. 
Blessed that He holds the world in His hands {notice a theme in the songs??}.
Blessed that He knows my desires.
I hold on to that truth.
I take comfort; I let him hold me- my world, my wants, my needs, my desires, my family-in His hands. 
 I attached the song so you can get the full effect of how powerful this song really is :) 
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Sarah Gardella said...

such inspiration. Praying for you during this valley. Praying that your womb will once again be opened.

In this hard time God is using your testimony in a mighty way sweet girl

Natalie said...

ah, yes! what a blessing music can be!! praying you can rest easy in Him and trust in His promises, friend!!

Beth Ann said...

Such great thoughts and great idea to share these songs. The Chris Tomlin one is one of my faves. I admire your faith and trust during this challenging time. He is faithful!

Mandy said...

Oh my goodness worship music is my absolute favorite!!! I sing on my church's PraiseTeam and it's such an awesome way to share about God's love and grace!! Love these songs you shared! It's always great to hear how songs touch people during certain seasons of their lives.

Tami said...

I love how a simple song can change your whole outlook. This weekend at church I felt like some of the songs were speaking directly to me! It's pretty neat how God can use music to let us know He is with us!