Sunday, January 19, 2014

Daddy's Work

A month ago {yes a month ago, but a year and a half later and I finally updated my blog design so…you win some you lose some} we had a fun night away with our little family. 

We had a wonderful time!
 What makes it even more special is that Adalyn talks about it at least once a day. 
And what makes it hilarious is her memories of the weekend and the fact that she thinks Daddy works at the aquarium.

Adalyn's version of our weekend {that's repeated on a daily basis}:
Daddy's work.
No turtle. 
Mickey skates.
Mickey bag and popcorn. 

I drove into the city by myself- which is a pretty big deal for me- I only hit traffic in the part the I dread the most, but we made it and it really wasn't that bad. 

We parked and headed off to Daddy's {real} work
we said hi to everyone, he grabbed his stuff and we were off to the aquarium that's right around the corner. 

Cue toddler confusion. 

Daddy's work suddenly became so exciting. 
We did some quick poses with her penguin shirt to match the penguins...
and we were off to see the fishes! 
The fun ended when a big sting ray and this guy swam in front of her.
We tried to explain that there's a very thick glass and she was safe, but she wasn't having it. 
She did enjoy a little hands on turtle activity though. 
After the aquarium we checked into our hotel and walked around to find a place to eat. 

After dinner we got into our "soups" and went for a swim! 
I keep trying to record her saying "soups on!" because it's pretty much the cutest thing ever, 
but in true Adalyn fashion, the moment I go to record her saying it she stops. 
A busy day led to a great night's sleep to prepare for another fun filled day. 
Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and made our time there that much more enjoyable! 
We walked around the Commons and got some breakfast. 
She's got the cheese part down, we are just working on the looking at the camera part now

Our trip wouldn't be complete without a stop at frog pond
and a visit with the ducks,
that were clearly thirsty for some juice. 

I loved our time in the Commons!
Usually when I go to the city most of my time is spent in the Faneuil Hall area, 
so this was a newish experience for me. 
 We grabbed some pizza for lunch and headed back to the hotel to change for the main event.
We are going to Disney in March and we are a little nervous about how is going to handle the characters.
Mr B bought us tickets to see Disney on Ice as a Disney prep. 
Having been to Disney on Ice before {pre-Adalyn},
 I came prepared with our own stuffed Minnie and Mickey
and light-up toy {thank you $5 spot at Target}
to save us approximately $200. 
I'm not even kidding.
Okay, so maybe it's a slight exaggeration.
Instead, we spent $40 on popcorn, water and…cotton candy because Mr. B's inner 5 year old couldn't resist. 

{And shout out to my super talented friend for making Adalyn the adorable bow to match her outfit!}

Adalyn was a little scared the first 10 seconds or so, 
but the rest of the time she loved it 
and was filled with awe and excitement!
We had so much fun! 
It's always nice to have some time away
making these sweet memories with just the three of us. 
We decided we would love to visit Daddy's work and spend the night in the city every couple months-
a chance to be together and talk about it every single day,
 until the next time :) 


Ashley said...

Too cute!! Glad you had a great family weekend!! Love the aquarium pics! That is too funny she thinks that is where daddy works! Haha

Natalie said...

So perfect!! I lvoe that you guys took this trip. Little weekends away are always the best! Disney on Ice is coming here next month and I really want to take Callyn, but I think its the weekend we're moving now :(

joyfullgrace said...

It is so funny how kids minds work... For the longest time you kids thought dad worked at the airport!! LOL
Time away as a family is the BEST!! Disney on ice was always one of my favorites!! Can't wait to see the real DISNEY pics!! 😃

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. I remember those early years with our little girl who is now a Mom herself. It is a sweet time for you all. It is so much fun seeing you all enjoy your life. I have never met you, just randomly found your blog while you and your husband were in college. Praying for you as you wait for your next blessing from God. Just want you to know that.

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