Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Rewind

I love long weekends.
How awesome would it be if they were always 3 days. 
Well, I'm sure then we'd wish for 4, but we can still dream about how amazing 3 days weekends would be….

Unfortunately we've been hit with a never ending cold.
Seriously, there's no light at the end of the tunnel.
Maybe a crevice of light.
So we had a low key weekend filled with medicine and tissues,
but we were together and we were lazy and it was just what we needed. 
And still need, because we're still sick…

So this weekend wasn't a very exciting one, but if I want to get back onto the blogging train I need to post about the every day weekends too!

Friday my sweet girl blessed this sick mama with sleeping in until a little past 10 and we followed that up with some snuggles in my bed. 

We stayed in our PJs, I had a fever and was pretty much glued to the couch all day.

During this time I realized we haven't been trying for Baby #2 as long as I had thought. 
In my head I had March, but that was because of when the due date would've been. 
So thanks to an old blog post, a friend and Mr. B, it was brought to my attention that it will be 9 months, not 11. 
Which doesn't make quite as bad as I thought. 
Which is sad, because it's still pretty bad, but it came with a little relief too.  
So that was good. 

The not so good…she was sick and oversensitive. 
Mix that with typical 2 year old mood swings and you get something like this because your baby won't sit. 
Cue nap time and hallelujah chorus. 

After nap we enjoyed more snuggles and sent Mr. B this pic 
as a warning that the house looks like a tornado went through it and a request to bring home dinner. 

Saturday was a surprise snow day and perfect for us to stay in a clean pair of {mismatched} PJs. 
We relaxed, watched tv, played, napped and made some cookies.
She took a tubby and changed into new {matching} Super Girl PJs from her Auntie, that she loves!

Sunday we skipped church to avoid being those people.
The kind the discretely sniff, snort, blow and gross everyone out. 
So instead we slept in and I had my super smoothie helper and strawberry stealer to assist with breakfast.
Then we …put on real clothes and brought our sniffs and germs to the great-grandparents' house.
We went out for a late lunch for Mimi's birthday.
{For the record, I don't suggest bringing an oversensitive, overtired, toddler with a cold to a restaurant during nap time. }
Then we went to the farm and hoped the Pats would make it to the Super Bowl.
And our hopes were crushed. 
She took a late nap from 4-7, we had dinner, played and watched the first half of the next game before heading home.

We gave her the last of her 5 day antibiotic 
and then cried because it didn't work.
It still could've prevented her ear infection, but it definitely didn't fight off anything else she has going on.
Which means it's viral.
Which means more days staying home.
More missed swim classes.
More missed play dates.
More missed My Gym classes.
Bottom line…. SOS.
But, in saying all of that, I'm always grateful {can't you tell ;) } that at the end of the day it is just a never-ending cold and nothing more. 

Monday we woke up and headed back to the farm for a little sled time. 

And by little, I mean little.

She probably lasted all of 5 minutes.
I think it's time to ditch the baby sled and show her the real deal. 

After that, she napped, I worked on some pictures and Mr. B went and played some racquet ball.
We hung around the farm for some chinese food
 {a perk to being at the farm- free good dinners!},
 came home, tubbied and took her final 24 month picture.
A day before she turned 26 months.
And she's tired, and it's not really her smile and it was with a flash.
But it's done.
I won't even go into the frustrations I have with myself for not getting it together for her last monthly pic.
But in the end she's still 2 so...it counts.

Then we went to bed and prayed for a miraculous healing and healthy week!


Desiree Brazil said...

So Sorry y'all have been sick. I will be praying for a fast recovery!

Sarah said...

Um your dog hugging on Adalyn is seriously adorable.

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