Monday, January 13, 2014

{in}Fertile Friends

I am extremely behind on blogging.
It's ridiculous. 
Pre-Adalyn time seemed to go by fairly quickly.
Post-Adalyn time literally {literally} flies bye. 
Bzzzzz. Gone. 
Just like that.
Having a blog {and not keeping up with it} basically multiplies how fast time goes by by approximately 100.
I'm not kidding.

I'm thinking my best bet is to focus on a few big things that happened that I missed and then from here on out get back in to the swing of things with day to day life. 

But until I do that and can even figure out where to start with that,  I wanted a post to be specifically for a little group I created on Facebook. 
I've mentioned it before recently, but this is a specific post/invite to join.
I actually created this group when I was trying to get pregnant with Adalyn and praise the Lord all of the girls who were a part of that group ended up getting pregnant at some point!!

So here we are again with baby #2. 
In the same boat.
Actually, this boat is worse because it's going on an even longer journey (almost a year), but it comes with a sweet awesome little distraction- thank you, Lord.
I was just saying today that she has no idea how much she helps me get through this. 
I am so so thankful for her. 

Roxie was my distraction when trying for Adalyn and I think it's pretty obvious that Adalyn takes the cake on this one!

So anyways this is a private group on Facebook- so no one can see anything unless they are a part of it. 
And it's just a place to vent, whine, get advice, request prayer, encourage etc. 
Infertility sucks.
Big time.
And it's something that most people truly don't understand until they've been there. 
Connecting with others who are going through the same thing is really valuable!
It's certainly not a group I wish I were a part of or a group I want anyone to be a part of, but this is the journey the Lord has us on and I try my hardest {some days are worse than others} to look at it as an opportunity to connect, to strengthen our walk and our faith, to know it's a part of our story and a testament to His faithfulness. 

He is faithful and we are believing. 

And in the meantime, I'm venting about how everyone around me is pregnant or having babies and how evil digital pregnancy tests are.
If you're not familiar, you wait for an eternity while you stare at a little flashing timer, you stare so long that you begin to wonder if the little hand is starting to move and then you're given the result:
 "Not pregnant." 
Yeah. I'm good.
I'll stick with one solid dark line, pleaseandthankyou.

I love the {awesomely overplayed} song Oceans by Hillsong- one part in particular has been standing out to me lately:
He's never failed me.
And He won't start now.
He knows who the perfect addition to our family and when the time is right. 
And until that time comes, I will limit my waaaaahhhs, ughhhhhhhhhs and 9u389uitwygjfbhjabf!!!!s and work on my praise for what he has blessed me with. 

Sooo if you'd like to join and connect with some sweet ladies with the same desires and frustrations as you- just comment with your email or send me an email: and I can send you an invite to the group and get you on my prayer list! 

And of course, for anyone not in this season of life, if you could keep me and the other ladies of the group in your prayers as well that would be wonderful!

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Desiree Brazil said...

Please add me to your group! I feel like you are talking about my life. I need this.

Christy said...

Please add me too <3

J and A said...

Such a great group. It was a great support for me. Thank you! Hoping this journey doesn't last much longer for you.

Rebekah said...

I agree, it's a fantastic group and the support was so helpful! I'm praying so hard for you because it wasn't long ago that I was right there (even though you've been down this road before). Even in the waiting isn't it wonderful to know that God has it figured out? I love that song. I've been playing it nonstop recently. Right before we started treatments, and as were were going through them, I loved the song Worn by Tenth Avenue North. It helped me so much.

Anonymous said...

Please add me to the group.

Ashley said...

I'm soo sorry you are going through this all over again!! If you ever need to talk or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!! Thinking of you and hopefully this journey for you will be short lived!!

Jacana28 said...

Please add me as well. I've been following your blog for awhile and I have a daughter about 2 months older than Adalyn. My daughter was a preemie and the next pregnancy will be high risk. It's going to be a long journey for us. I need all the support that I can get!
~ Julia

cait said...

i think it's so great that you are using your story to bless others and provide a "safe" place for those in a similar boat. God is using you, girl!

Katie @ The Campbell's said...

Would love to join what a great idea

Poohy81 said...

Please add me to this group.

We are getting ready to start the IVF process for baby #2.

The Mitchell Family said...

Would like to join, found out this morning that IUI #2 didn't work.

Pier said...

Please add us to your group...As you know from our blog, we have been struggling with infertility for almost a year and a half... Praying for your family!

Taylor Cargal said...

Please add me to the group.

Ang said...

hello, i just found your blog through kelly's Korner. can you add me to your fb group? i dealt w/ infertility for 8 yrs. got pregnant thru meds... our second was conceived purely through god's amazing grace! now, we are struggling again w/ our 3rd..... anyway, i'd love to be a part of this community.

bumbu pecel bali said...

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Tiff and Meg said...

I love this! And you are so right- God is faithful!

xo sweet friend!

jnorthrop624 said...

Thanks Jordan :)