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Friday, July 13, 2012

Strong Like Baby

The strength of a baby is something I don't think I will ever understand.
You don't realize until you are in certain situations....
such as cutting their nails.
How is she stronger than me in this moment?
How can she pull her hand out of my mama lobster claw grip?
Shouldn't I be able to hold her still??
You would think.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

New PJs different day

We are going on Day 3 of lazy PJ day. It's been rainy and in the 40s pretty much this whole week. So the whole "I'm going to blog about every day" thing isn't exactly going as planned. There are showers, baths, new undies, diapers and PJs in between {bras are a definite no-go on these days}, but for the most part we are just playing and relaxing.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Thankful to be a SAHM
{when we were sick girlies last week}
Every day I am so thankful I get to stay home with Adalyn, but I am especially grateful on these cold rainy days! Although I am sure Mr. B wouldn't mind a different look when he gets home every night- I think he is used to it by now. And of course he works hard so that I can stay home with her and I can never thank him enough!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Blog Design
I really need to update my blog layout. Although the weather lately feels winterish- it isn't. I need to find some new pictures and springy colors soon! Never mind the fact that her newborn pictures are on the header and she is going on 6 months! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I made some enchiladas I found going around pinterest last night and they were delish. I usually make the Pioneer Woman's enchiladas, but it's kind of a lot of ingredients and steps, so I was thankful to find this one that is just as yummy and easier to make! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Roxie and Adalyn
Adalyn has become so fascinated with Roxie's every move lately and it's been really cute to see.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Adalyn is strong enough to sit up and she can, but she is in an arching the back phase and is always falling backwards on purpose. I either catch her or put the boppy behind her to help, but I also feel like she needs to know she will fall if she doesn't try and sit up...but I don't want her to hurt herself either. So we just keep practicing and trying to figure it out.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Don't wake my baby
The landscapers are out mowing the grass and it's so loud and I will be livid if they wake her up from her nap. End of discussion.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nail Scissors
I forgot to mention a very important baby gear in my post the other day- Nail scissors!!! Lindsey told me about this trick one day when I tweeted about how Adalyn's nails were growing so fast-I was only filing them because I was too scared to use the clippers-she was always scratching her face and I couldn't keep up with them. Lindsey suggested the nail scissors and I love it! I am never nervous, I cut them all the time and the best part is- I can't {I don't think I can and I haven't} cut her skin. I actually find this kind of fun to do, more so when she is sleeping and not a complete wiggle worm but it is so much easier than the clippers!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Ten Gear: 0-3 Mos

1. Rock n Play Sleeper
My original plan was to have her in her crib from night one. 
When I found out we would be traveling overnight around Christmas time I realized I needed something for her to sleep in. I got a great deal on this Rock n Play on Craigslist and I ended up using it the first month she was home. I changed my mind because I was so sore I didn't feel like getting up multiple times through out the night and well...I loved her to pieces, I couldn't believe she was here and I couldn't have her in the other room. Having this was great to just roll over and rock her, give her her paci etc with out really waking either of us up. It was also great for traveling, it folds right up and therefore it's good to keep in storage too while we aren't using it. Loved this thing! 

2. Angelcare Monitor
This will probably be my favorite baby product ever.
I honestly don't know what I would do without it, or how people do without it!
With all of the blogs and SIDS stories out there, my momma worry is pretty much through the roof. 
The movement sensor with this monitor gives me soooo much peace.
Shouldn't my trust and faith be in the Lord?
Yes, 100%. But I am also human and this is something I struggle with and this monitor has helped immensely!! 
We moved Adalyn to her crib when she was a month old and this allowed for an easy transition for us. 

3. Sound Machine/Sleep Sheep

We got this sound machine her first week home. 
I need white noise to sleep so this works for me too!
I knew I wanted something to block out Roxie or any other loud noises that could wake her up.
The problem I found was that a lot of sound machines had a timer and they didn't run all the time.
I didn't understand the point of that- yes, I want it to help put her to sleep, but I also want it to help keep her to sleep.
I bought this one at Target for like $20, it has the option for a timer but it can also stay on through the night. 
It comes with a few different sounds and a projection for the ceiling. We've only used that feature a few times. 
It also is plugged into the outlet so no batteries are needed/wasted.
The Sleep Sheep was a gift and I didn't know how much I would love it.
We use it all the time. 
We attach it to her carseat and use it while we are out and sometimes I would stick in her sling to help soothe her and put her to sleep. 
It's just a little travel sound machine and has helped us so much in the car, or keeping her asleep while I am shopping in the stores etc.  

4.Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle blankets were hit or miss, it depended on the day.
I was taught in our birthing class that all babies love to be swaddled.
They need to be swaddled.
Adalyn didn't.
She seemed to feel really restricted and she would get frustrated.
I realized that she could only be swaddled when was really tired.
And when she was swaddled she slept better and she didn't startle herself.
The key was to know when to swaddle her. 
I did buy some of the aden + anais swaddle blankets.
But I loved the ease of the kiddopotamus swaddleme blankets.
And the peace of mind knowing that it's not too tight on her legs/hips etc with all those crazy studies that are out. 

6. Wipes Warmer
This item is kind of a luxury item and not a need, but it really helped our changings!
She would scream with normal wipes, but the warm wipes kept her calm and quiet.
Can't say that I blame her! 
These were especially helpful with the middle of the night changings. 
Although we no longer use it it was super helpful for the newborn phase!

7. Primo Bath
This bath is the best.
I highly recommend it.
I was a nanny before I had Adalyn and this is the best bath I have ever used. 
It's a beast, but it's awesome.
It has amazing support for babies of all sizes- she's not sliding all the over the place, I don't need to hold her up the whole time, she just relaxes and stays in place.
I, of course, stay close by but I don't need to holding onto her or hovering the whole time. 
She's safe. 
She is also able to be more immersed in the water than some of the other tubs. 
I registered for this because of the great reviews, then when I received it I couldn't believe how big it was and thought about returning it.
After reading the reviews again I decided to keep it and I am so glad I did.
Love this tub! 
And it's cheap too!

8. K'tan
Love the K'tan!
The moby wrap intimidated me with all the fabric- it still does!
The K'tan is the perfect alternative.
It is so easy to use- I can hold her while putting it on.
The fabric is already looped and ready to go. 
I used it from just a few days old and I still use it today.
If she was fussy, but not falling asleep in her crib or the swing I would put her in the sling and she would be fast asleep within seconds, really!
Sometimes she would fight getting into it, but once she's in she's knocked out. 
I did my cleaning, my walks, shopping- anything wearing her.
Happy baby= happy momma!

9. Swing
We have the Snugabunny Cradle n' Swing. 
I got a great deal on this through craigslist, too.
I don't know if I would say this swing is the best, but a swing is a must have!
We did love this swing and she did too. 
It looked really comfy.
I chose this swing because I liked that it could be plugged into an outlet. 
When I was a nanny it seemed like we were constantly switching the batteries out of the swings because they were used so much and I love that this wasn't a worry.
I also loved the neutral colors so it didn't totally stand out in our living room. 

10. Gripe Water
This isn't a must have for everyone, but for us it is!
Even while in the womb, Adalyn had the hiccups all the time and it was no different when she entered the world. 
We call this her hiccup juice.
It's magic.
This will cure her hiccups within seconds. 
We use it all the time and bring it with us every where. 
In doing so it's also helped with her ability to suck skinnier things and she will be ready for a straw in no time! 
I prefer Mommy's Bliss over Little Tummys because you don't have to refrigerate Mommy's Bliss which is a huge plus!

*Bonus* 11. Nail Scissors
This list wouldn't be complete without Nail Scissors. Clippers scared me so Lindsey suggested nail scissors and I love them!! I don't think you can-and I haven't yet- cut the skin. It's so easy to use and I actually find it kind of fun. She still manages to scratch her face sometimes, but not as much as she was when I was trying to keep up with just filing. Baby nails grow so fast!! 

Some other things that I have loved, but aren't necessarily a must have for this stage:
   Britax Stroller
We went back and forth 1,979,878,686 times before choosing a stroller and I am so happy with the decision we made. 
We have the Britax B-Agile. 
It's light weight.
Carseat clicks right in.
And my favorite part is how easily it closes.
You just pull the strap with one hand and it folds right up.
Similar to the City Joggers, but this one is compatible with the Britax Car seat so we chose this one. 
I would like if it had a bigger basket, but I do love how easily it folds and every time I put it away {which is usually a few times a day} I am so thankful we went with this one!

   Lil Joeys
Adalyn got a diaper rash her first few days home and I decided to jump the gun and start with the cloth diapering.
I loved these Lil Joeys and I wish they last longer.
They were so perfect for the newborn stage and gentle on her little delicate bum- they were easy to use, not too bulky and super cute.
Between those, cloth wipes and Olive Oil her bum healed up right away!

First Years Space Saver
I wouldn't necessarily call this a "must have" for the newborn stage, but we did love it and use it a lot. 
I knew I wanted a Space Saver over a high chair and
I chose the First Years version over the Fisher Price one because I liked that it could swivel and recline making it a good choice for this stage.
She slept there while we ate, while I cooked, cleaned, computer etc. 

Other things we used and liked:
Dr. Brown Bottles
Dr. Brown Formula Pitcher
Playmat for the floor
Light up toys

Most of the stuff we had for the newborn stage we used, but a few things we could've done without:

I feel like every baby is different with the Bumbo.
I nannied for some babied that loved it. 
It didn't really work out for Adalyn.
It seemed to position her weird, she didn't look comfortable or act comfortable and it usually lasted for about 2 minutes, if that. 

Between the swing, the sling, the floor, my arms and the space saver seat we hardly ever used a bouncer.
Again, something with other babies that I used a lot just not with her. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Monday

So I am going to try a new tactic for my blog....
A few people I follow write short posts about each day and I decided I am going to give that a try and see if it will help me.
I think part of my problem is I hardly post anything and because I don't when it's time to post I feel like I have so much to say/document and then I get overwhelmed and I just don't do it.

Sidenote: I've also just noticed blogger layout is different. I'm not a fan of change.  But I'm sure it's for the best...

We spend most of our days around the house so there won't be too much to update on, but at least it will keep our day to day life documented during this season and will help me not always feel the need to catch up!

This morning Adalyn had a bottle around 5 and then went back to sleep until 8.
I was excited about that because some days she wakes for good around 7:30 and that's just too early for me!

We got up and played for a little and headed downstairs for our breakfast.
{notice anything new??}

She had some pears and little pieces of mommy's blueberry muffin.
And for a more accurate documentation of today's events, she thought she would show you said muffin.

We will work on table manners tomorrow.
She loves her big girl sippy cup!

After breakfast we took some 5 month pictures.

The rest of the morning consisted of a short nap and cleaning- mommy is not a fan of both of those things.

Followed by some play time.

Looking out the window.
One of their favorite things to do.

And getting our head stuck in our shirt.
I'm pretty sure if she could talk she would tell me there are two buttons on the side...oops.

After a long {thankfully!} afternoon nap we headed over to the farm for dinner.
I typically put her in her crib awake, she talks and play for a little and then falls asleep. The past few times she's been falling asleep on her belly.

Mr. B has school on Monday nights so it's a long mommy and baby day so we usually take a little visit to the farm to have dinner and visit with the fam.

We came home and did tubby time

A clean tired baby ready for bottle and bed!


And I love it.

So much.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

4 Month Recap

You continue to amaze us with how quickly you are growing and learning new things.
This month was filled with new milestones!
It seemed as if every week there was something new you were doing!
I know there are many more to come and I savor and keep note of each one that happens along the way.
Our love for you grows deeper as each day passes.
It is always so bittersweet to watch you grow.

At your 4 month check up you were:
15.3 lbs {75th Percentile}
25 1/8th" {75th Percentile}
And your head circumference was in the 70th Percentile.
You are a healthy growing girl!
I was so proud of you when you got your shots this time around you barely even cried.
It was such a relief to me because it was the saddest thing watching you get your first set of shots.

You are wearing size 2 diapers in disposables and we have started up with cloth again as we start to get situated into our new home.

You are still a happy baby, but you are no longer the super laid back baby that you use to be. 
You are a complete wiggle worm.
Picture taking is no longer an easy task.
Your newest feat.
You will not sit still, you're always arching your back and trying to stand up.

It's technically still winter and we were able to go to the beach for the first time!
The weather was in the 90s for a few days and it's been so fun to see you in your adorable little summer clothes showing off your chunky legs and spending lots of time outside.
We went to Ogunquit Beach with Mimi we had lunch and took a walk on the Marginal Way.
I am planning on taking a few more trips there this summer- it's always so pretty! 

You've been doing so well with solid food. I had a feeling you were ready and you totally were. You are loving it! We've been making our own baby food and giving you a variety of different fruits and veggies and I can always tell when you love something because you cry when I'm not fast enough or when it's all gone.

Can you say Drama Queen??
This is the reaction to Bananas, Pears and Avocado with Bananas.
So far Bananas have been your number one favorite.

We waited for Daddy to try some peas for dinner.
We thought for sure we would get a reaction out of you since most babies don't like peas.
We certainly did get a reaction...
Just not the one we thought! You loved them!
These were a little thicker too and you did great.

So far the only food you haven't really cared for is carrots.

You still have 6-7 oz of Similac Sensitive every 3-4 hours in addition to fruit or oatmeal fro breakfast and a veggie for dinner.

You are still a pretty good sleeper. You do sleep through the night still, but you continue to wake up a few times for your paci. I just give it back to you and you go right to sleep. This is typically after 5-7 hours of you sleeping though...usually only 3 hours of mommy sleeping!

After coming home from the beach you slept on your belly for the first time.

You couldn't seem to get comfy so I rolled you over and you went right to sleep.
It only lasted about an hour though, and then you woke up and freaked because you thought it was tummy time. Eventually I think you'll like to sleep like this though.

Currently, you prefer sleeping on your right side still.

This month we stopped using the swing.
You weren't enjoying it like you used to- you were always trying to sit up and you were just too big for it.

I really really miss those swing naps. On accident I usually call naps in your cribs "crap nibs" and that's just what they are! Crappy and too short! Thankfully they are slowly starting to get longer. You usually take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. Sometimes a nap on mommy or sometimes a third cat nap depending on how long they lasted.

Currently, you prefer sleeping on your right side still.
You love sleeping with your love, Ellie. But this month I decided to start using the giraffe I bought when I  was pregnant. It has lavender beads in the belly, we microwave it and you love to cuddle up with it and it always puts you right to sleep at night time. It's the best and you seem to really enjoy it. It's so cute how you always wrap your arm around it.

You laughed for the first time!! I have been waiting for this moment as I had been seeing other mom's with babies just a little bit older than you post about their little ones laughing.

I was bouncing you in your Jumperoo and you thought it was so funny. I was so thankful Auntie Ali and Mimi were there to see it and catch it on video!

Uncle Ryan came to visit for his Spring Break
He hasn't seen you since Christmas time and you have changed so much!

We also had Angie and Emma visiting. You got too meet your second cousin and her little girl
I remember meeting Emma when she was just a baby and it is so crazy how quickly she has grown up!
You both need to slow down!
In a couple years I think you two will have a lot of fun together.

I originally knew you were ready for solid food because you were always eyeing everything we ate and you looked like you pretending to be eating it as well. Now that you have started solids you have become even more aware of everything we are eating...and you are not. One night you were staring at us eating Jax and I decided to let you lick it and you thought it was the greatest thing ever!
Then I let you hold it, and you were so fascinated by it.

Such a big girl!

Later this night you started pooping in the tub for the first time!
We knew it was bound to happen one day and today was the day!
Daddy quickly transferred you to the potty and you finished your business- I have the cutest picture, but I'll spare the online visual this time for your own sake!

You are the happiest girl in the mornings.
You usually wake around 6/6:30 and I bring you into bed with me.
You have your bottle and we go back to sleep until about 8:30.
It keeps getting earlier and earlier and I'm not exactly a fan of that, but I do love your smile when we wake up.
You also have the sweetest smile when I give you your good morning kisses.

You and Roxie love looking out the windows.

You discovered your feet
And you quickly realized they're like built in toys
And you'd rather play with your toes than sleep.

You are always smiling and we can get you to giggle every once in a while

With all the drooling and constant hands in your mouth I've been checking your gums to see if any teeth were coming and today I saw them ready to pop!

Just two days later they made it through!
I can not believe you're old enough to have teeth!
Not only did your teeth pop through- you also rolled back to belly for the first time.
I was changing your diaper and you started going to go to the side and I said to daddy that I think it will happen soon and sure enough- you did it!
I have a video of you doing it, but no pictures yet so instead here's a random favorite of mine. 

Was your first Easter.

Nana & Papa were visiting

You had your first Mum-Mum and drank water out of your first sippy.

You went to your first wedding.
It was my friend from High School- you looked adorable and you did such a good job!

You went in the church nursery for the first time!! I was freaking out, but you did great! It was more of a practice run, we still have a few more weeks before you really start going {tears for momma!} but I think you're going to love it. 

And that's the best shot we got as your "first nursery picture" because you are the wiggliest worm of them all. 

We went to the Boston Aquarium for Auntie A's birthday and we got to visit Daddy at work and have lunch with him.

Unfortunately this exciting month ended with another first-your first sickness. 
That night you came home with a high fever that last a little over 24 hours, that then turned into a bad cold. 
You took lots of tubbies {which always make you happy} and lots of snuggles {which made me happy}. 

Even through your cold you still loved your new swing at The Farm!

We love you so much and we are sorry this month had to end with your first sickness!
I know it's the first of many to come for you, but I know it will always break our hearts- especially when there is only so much we can do to help you!

Feel free to slow down the growing and you're more than welcome to stick to one milestone a month.