Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday's Thoughts

New PJs different day

We are going on Day 3 of lazy PJ day. It's been rainy and in the 40s pretty much this whole week. So the whole "I'm going to blog about every day" thing isn't exactly going as planned. There are showers, baths, new undies, diapers and PJs in between {bras are a definite no-go on these days}, but for the most part we are just playing and relaxing.
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Thankful to be a SAHM
{when we were sick girlies last week}
Every day I am so thankful I get to stay home with Adalyn, but I am especially grateful on these cold rainy days! Although I am sure Mr. B wouldn't mind a different look when he gets home every night- I think he is used to it by now. And of course he works hard so that I can stay home with her and I can never thank him enough!
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Blog Design
I really need to update my blog layout. Although the weather lately feels winterish- it isn't. I need to find some new pictures and springy colors soon! Never mind the fact that her newborn pictures are on the header and she is going on 6 months! 
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I made some enchiladas I found going around pinterest last night and they were delish. I usually make the Pioneer Woman's enchiladas, but it's kind of a lot of ingredients and steps, so I was thankful to find this one that is just as yummy and easier to make! 
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Roxie and Adalyn
Adalyn has become so fascinated with Roxie's every move lately and it's been really cute to see.
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Adalyn is strong enough to sit up and she can, but she is in an arching the back phase and is always falling backwards on purpose. I either catch her or put the boppy behind her to help, but I also feel like she needs to know she will fall if she doesn't try and sit up...but I don't want her to hurt herself either. So we just keep practicing and trying to figure it out.

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Don't wake my baby
The landscapers are out mowing the grass and it's so loud and I will be livid if they wake her up from her nap. End of discussion.
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Nail Scissors
I forgot to mention a very important baby gear in my post the other day- Nail scissors!!! Lindsey told me about this trick one day when I tweeted about how Adalyn's nails were growing so fast-I was only filing them because I was too scared to use the clippers-she was always scratching her face and I couldn't keep up with them. Lindsey suggested the nail scissors and I love it! I am never nervous, I cut them all the time and the best part is- I can't {I don't think I can and I haven't} cut her skin. I actually find this kind of fun to do, more so when she is sleeping and not a complete wiggle worm but it is so much easier than the clippers!


Natalie said...

Ok why have I never heard of nail scissors?! I have to trim callyn's nails ALL the time and I hate it. Though we've gotten pretty good at it now I did clip her a bit once when she was tiny and felt soooooo bad!
I am also SO thankful to be able to stay at home. And know what you mean about the lovely look our hubbies get every evening...I've been trying harder to shower and get dressed during the day :) We've had a gloomy week here too but now it's 80 and gloomy-and humid, yuck!
Callyn has fallen straight backwards a few times while sitting up and her head his the ground hard (like a big clunk) and only once she cried. They have hard heads ;)

Rachel and John said...

I'm thankful to be able to stay at home too. DO you guys have 2 cars? We have 2 right now but we are thinking about going down to one.