Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Top Ten Gear: 0-3 Mos

1. Rock n Play Sleeper
My original plan was to have her in her crib from night one. 
When I found out we would be traveling overnight around Christmas time I realized I needed something for her to sleep in. I got a great deal on this Rock n Play on Craigslist and I ended up using it the first month she was home. I changed my mind because I was so sore I didn't feel like getting up multiple times through out the night and well...I loved her to pieces, I couldn't believe she was here and I couldn't have her in the other room. Having this was great to just roll over and rock her, give her her paci etc with out really waking either of us up. It was also great for traveling, it folds right up and therefore it's good to keep in storage too while we aren't using it. Loved this thing! 

2. Angelcare Monitor
This will probably be my favorite baby product ever.
I honestly don't know what I would do without it, or how people do without it!
With all of the blogs and SIDS stories out there, my momma worry is pretty much through the roof. 
The movement sensor with this monitor gives me soooo much peace.
Shouldn't my trust and faith be in the Lord?
Yes, 100%. But I am also human and this is something I struggle with and this monitor has helped immensely!! 
We moved Adalyn to her crib when she was a month old and this allowed for an easy transition for us. 

3. Sound Machine/Sleep Sheep

We got this sound machine her first week home. 
I need white noise to sleep so this works for me too!
I knew I wanted something to block out Roxie or any other loud noises that could wake her up.
The problem I found was that a lot of sound machines had a timer and they didn't run all the time.
I didn't understand the point of that- yes, I want it to help put her to sleep, but I also want it to help keep her to sleep.
I bought this one at Target for like $20, it has the option for a timer but it can also stay on through the night. 
It comes with a few different sounds and a projection for the ceiling. We've only used that feature a few times. 
It also is plugged into the outlet so no batteries are needed/wasted.
The Sleep Sheep was a gift and I didn't know how much I would love it.
We use it all the time. 
We attach it to her carseat and use it while we are out and sometimes I would stick in her sling to help soothe her and put her to sleep. 
It's just a little travel sound machine and has helped us so much in the car, or keeping her asleep while I am shopping in the stores etc.  

4.Swaddle Blankets
Swaddle blankets were hit or miss, it depended on the day.
I was taught in our birthing class that all babies love to be swaddled.
They need to be swaddled.
Adalyn didn't.
She seemed to feel really restricted and she would get frustrated.
I realized that she could only be swaddled when was really tired.
And when she was swaddled she slept better and she didn't startle herself.
The key was to know when to swaddle her. 
I did buy some of the aden + anais swaddle blankets.
But I loved the ease of the kiddopotamus swaddleme blankets.
And the peace of mind knowing that it's not too tight on her legs/hips etc with all those crazy studies that are out. 

6. Wipes Warmer
This item is kind of a luxury item and not a need, but it really helped our changings!
She would scream with normal wipes, but the warm wipes kept her calm and quiet.
Can't say that I blame her! 
These were especially helpful with the middle of the night changings. 
Although we no longer use it it was super helpful for the newborn phase!

7. Primo Bath
This bath is the best.
I highly recommend it.
I was a nanny before I had Adalyn and this is the best bath I have ever used. 
It's a beast, but it's awesome.
It has amazing support for babies of all sizes- she's not sliding all the over the place, I don't need to hold her up the whole time, she just relaxes and stays in place.
I, of course, stay close by but I don't need to holding onto her or hovering the whole time. 
She's safe. 
She is also able to be more immersed in the water than some of the other tubs. 
I registered for this because of the great reviews, then when I received it I couldn't believe how big it was and thought about returning it.
After reading the reviews again I decided to keep it and I am so glad I did.
Love this tub! 
And it's cheap too!

8. K'tan
Love the K'tan!
The moby wrap intimidated me with all the fabric- it still does!
The K'tan is the perfect alternative.
It is so easy to use- I can hold her while putting it on.
The fabric is already looped and ready to go. 
I used it from just a few days old and I still use it today.
If she was fussy, but not falling asleep in her crib or the swing I would put her in the sling and she would be fast asleep within seconds, really!
Sometimes she would fight getting into it, but once she's in she's knocked out. 
I did my cleaning, my walks, shopping- anything wearing her.
Happy baby= happy momma!

9. Swing
We have the Snugabunny Cradle n' Swing. 
I got a great deal on this through craigslist, too.
I don't know if I would say this swing is the best, but a swing is a must have!
We did love this swing and she did too. 
It looked really comfy.
I chose this swing because I liked that it could be plugged into an outlet. 
When I was a nanny it seemed like we were constantly switching the batteries out of the swings because they were used so much and I love that this wasn't a worry.
I also loved the neutral colors so it didn't totally stand out in our living room. 

10. Gripe Water
This isn't a must have for everyone, but for us it is!
Even while in the womb, Adalyn had the hiccups all the time and it was no different when she entered the world. 
We call this her hiccup juice.
It's magic.
This will cure her hiccups within seconds. 
We use it all the time and bring it with us every where. 
In doing so it's also helped with her ability to suck skinnier things and she will be ready for a straw in no time! 
I prefer Mommy's Bliss over Little Tummys because you don't have to refrigerate Mommy's Bliss which is a huge plus!

*Bonus* 11. Nail Scissors
This list wouldn't be complete without Nail Scissors. Clippers scared me so Lindsey suggested nail scissors and I love them!! I don't think you can-and I haven't yet- cut the skin. It's so easy to use and I actually find it kind of fun. She still manages to scratch her face sometimes, but not as much as she was when I was trying to keep up with just filing. Baby nails grow so fast!! 

Some other things that I have loved, but aren't necessarily a must have for this stage:
   Britax Stroller
We went back and forth 1,979,878,686 times before choosing a stroller and I am so happy with the decision we made. 
We have the Britax B-Agile. 
It's light weight.
Carseat clicks right in.
And my favorite part is how easily it closes.
You just pull the strap with one hand and it folds right up.
Similar to the City Joggers, but this one is compatible with the Britax Car seat so we chose this one. 
I would like if it had a bigger basket, but I do love how easily it folds and every time I put it away {which is usually a few times a day} I am so thankful we went with this one!

   Lil Joeys
Adalyn got a diaper rash her first few days home and I decided to jump the gun and start with the cloth diapering.
I loved these Lil Joeys and I wish they last longer.
They were so perfect for the newborn stage and gentle on her little delicate bum- they were easy to use, not too bulky and super cute.
Between those, cloth wipes and Olive Oil her bum healed up right away!

First Years Space Saver
I wouldn't necessarily call this a "must have" for the newborn stage, but we did love it and use it a lot. 
I knew I wanted a Space Saver over a high chair and
I chose the First Years version over the Fisher Price one because I liked that it could swivel and recline making it a good choice for this stage.
She slept there while we ate, while I cooked, cleaned, computer etc. 

Other things we used and liked:
Dr. Brown Bottles
Dr. Brown Formula Pitcher
Playmat for the floor
Light up toys

Most of the stuff we had for the newborn stage we used, but a few things we could've done without:

I feel like every baby is different with the Bumbo.
I nannied for some babied that loved it. 
It didn't really work out for Adalyn.
It seemed to position her weird, she didn't look comfortable or act comfortable and it usually lasted for about 2 minutes, if that. 

Between the swing, the sling, the floor, my arms and the space saver seat we hardly ever used a bouncer.
Again, something with other babies that I used a lot just not with her. 

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