Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Rewind

I love.love.love long weekends with beautiful weather and time with family.
It doesn't get much better than that!

Saturday we went up to the lake to spend the day on the boat with Mr. B's dad.
His mom will be here for the summer in just a couple weeks! 
She was sad she wasn't able to make it, but we certainly missed her and look forward to her arrival!
The weather was perfect! 
Adalyn got adjusted to her life jacket- although it wasn't the most comfy thing! 
 We had lunch, visited, napped, cruised and enjoyed the beautiful weather on the boat!  
We are looking forward to doing this a lot more this summer!

Sunday we went to church and I finally faced the fact that I have a big girl and her time has come to move on to the nursery. She used to sleep on me through the sermon, then she become too loud and squirmy so we've been in the Mother's Room where she usually falls asleep on me on the rocking chair for a little. But the past two weeks she's done nothing, but smile, squawk and play. Which is fine, but not worth me missing there sermon for when I know she would love watching and playing with all the other kids. It's just another step...{wahhh}
 After church we went out for lunch with the family, then to the farm to play in the pool and enjoy some more beautiful weather.
We finished up the night with a memorial game of wiffle ball!

Excited for our bonus day with the family, we enjoyed delicious food and more beautiful weather on Memorial Day!
 Complete with more outside time, climbing, swimming, sleeping and smiling.

Oh yeah and we can't forget this cuteness that was spotted today....

And a special thanks to everyone who has or is currently serving for our freedom! 
And to the families who love, support and also sacrifice so much.
We truly are proud to be Americans.
And so thankful for the freedom we have.


Natalie said...

Our time has come w/ the church nursery too. HOWEVER, Callyn has decided she is not having it. SO I always end up getting paged after 10-30 minutes tops and going into a distraught baby. Oh well, we'll keep trying I guess! I thought she would love it, but she is not really used to being away from me and other noisy kids I guess.
Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! I love that picture of Roxie w/ her ears flapping in the wind on the boat ;)

Sarah said...

the last pictures are amazing!!!! do you use photoshop?

Mama's Weigh said...

I want to know what you use to edit your pictures too? LOVE!

Anonymous said...

I love your photos!! They make me happy!

Mama K