Monday, April 9, 2012

Egg-cellant Week

Cheesiest title in the world, I am well aware.

So my new goal is to post her 3 month update before she turns 5 months next week! Reaching for the stars, people.

For now I am going to post the most recent!

I love the holidays and having all of our family in town!

My cousin and her daughter were visiting from Alabama last weekend,  my brother was home for his Spring Break and Mr. B's parents were visiting for Easter weekend.

We celebrated Ali and Ryan's birthdays

Daddy prepping Adalyn for the pictures

 We tried really hard to get a picture of the girls

And they are blessed with wonderful great-grandparents

I love when my whole family is together :)

Me and my big girl

I got my haircut again and went back to my old 'do for real this time.
I was a little more hesitant the last time.

It's always fun having Uncle Ryan home and we were sad to see him leave.
 {Uncle CJ doesn't really look like that...majority won in this picture so I had to use this one}

We went to our church service on Saturday afternoon so that my mom would have time to prepare lunch on Sunday. 
Adalyn looked so pretty in her teal dress from Mimi.

Sunday morning she "opened" her Easter basket.

Happy First Easter, baby girl!

She loved having Nana and Papa visit

We tried to get a family picture...

Trying out her new shades

We are ready and waiting for some warmth and sunshine!

We had lunch at the Mimi and Papa G's house.

We had a delicious lunch {that was way over our calorie limit, I am sure!}

Adalyn had her first Mum-mum 

And tried to use her sippy cup
She's got the right idea!

She took a nice long nap on the couch while we visited with everyone

Auntie Ali and their matching flowers

She loves to be "walked"

We have had such a busy and wonderful week and we are so thankful for our family and, on this weekend especially, our Savior who died and rose again!

They sang this song at our church service on Saturday and I just loved the words:
"Look what Mercy’s overcome; Death has lost and Love has won! Alive! Alive! Hallelujah, Risen Lord, the only One I fall before! I am His because He is alive."


Joeylee said...

looks like you had a great Easter. Super cute pictures. I love your new hair cut, very cute. Loving the baby in her glasses

Holly said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Easter! I love your hair!! Super cute!!!

Rachel and John said...

Looks like a fantastic first Easter! Love her dress!

Ashley said...

I love how she smiles for almost all the pics!! Such sweet family photos and memories!!!

LWLH said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter. She is such a smiley baby :)

Mallorie said...

Love these pictures! :-) I saw them on facebook earlier but I loved seeing them again! I cannot believe that our girls are FIVE months...where has time gone?!?!