Monday, September 10, 2012

Baby Steps...

Adalyn has been pulling herself up and cruising all around for a couple months now.
She could stay standing for a few seconds and I knew the time was coming soon when she'd be taking her first steps.

I told Mr. B that we should be practicing every time he is home because I knew she was close and I was worried she would do it while he was away at work or school. It would really bum him out not to be there, so we started having her go back and forth between us a few times at night before bed. 

She struggled.

She fell.

She wouldn't let go. 

But we kept trying a little every night. 

She was ready, she just needed the confidence.

Last week she took one step with me at home so it officially became "game on".

She needs to be in the right mood- focused and confident- in order to really do it and yesterday was the day!

Mommy, of course, was very proud. 
Daddy was shocked, ha! 
I don't think he fully comprehended how ready she was.
I mean, she is only 1 month old after all....

:: just go along with our denial, k? K. ::

So she's at it again...she won't stop growing. 
And she feels the need to prove to us everyday that she's no longer a baby.
To her and to everyone else they're just baby steps, but in our eyes they're more than just that. 
They're huge steps.

Steps towards losing our baby. 
Steps towards gaining a big girl.
Steps to new challenges in parenting. 
Steps towards independence. 
Steps towards letting go.
Steps towards wanting a new baby.
And as always, 
bittersweet steps. 
We are so proud of our little lady! 

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