Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Caption Contest

I was uploading some pictures on facebook and trying to think of a caption.
Sometimes captions on facebook can be as difficult as making a title for a post. 
They are usually dumb or cheesy, or in the case of Facebook, obvious. 

A picture of my grandma reading a book to Adalyn..."Great-grandma reading her a book!"

The creativity is truly almost too much to handle. 

Anyways, I was uploading a picture of Adalyn that needed a caption. 
Her facial expression is screaming for a witty one, but my wittiness went to bed about 5 hours ago. 

Apparently Mr. B's went to bed before that because when I asked him his response was "Motor Boatin' ".


There's a new country song out about a pontoon that we like so although it was fitting for our weekend, that's not exactly what I was going for with this picture. 
Oh, men...sometimes they just don't get it. 

So there's no real prize, but I will pick a winner on Friday and then post it! 
There's not much better than a shout out, right?

Totally wrong I know, but it's all I got.
So let's just pretend. 


Anonymous said...

Gilligan is looking a little young!


Jenny said...

All aboaaaaaaaaaaaard

People say that I'm a DREAMER said...

"oh no she didn't just let jack go! She said she would never!"


"iceberg right ahead!!!!"

Refrigerator Memories said...

Oh no she didn't!

Allison Swenson said...

WHAT did you say about my driving??