Thursday, September 6, 2012

Smelly Reunion

This summer all of our family reunions were during same week.
What are the odds??
Apparently there is only one perfect week in the 3 months of summer for a vacation.
Needless to say we were busy!
Unfortunately we were only able to spend a little bit of time at each reunion because of this, but we made the most of it and had a great time!

I am always bummed that Mr. B's parents, his sister and her family live in Texas.
It's sad that, for the most part, our niece and nephew only know us through pictures.
I grew up doing a lot with my cousins and it's a bummer that Adalyn will only get to be with her cousins a few times a year, but it is what is and I will capture as much of them together through the years as I can!

We met the family up at the Lake and without wasting anytime we went out on the boat and got some lunch. 
{Adalyn does where her lifejacket while the boat is going, when we are anchored we give her a break sometimes to let her breathe and move around}

Adalyn came down with a high fever and then a cold a few days before we left, so unfortunately she was sick. The good thing was she was usually happy as a clam during the day, but it was the night time that she became a sad restless girl! Good for us with the family, bad for us at night...aka Zombie Momma!


We woke up and had some breakfast with the fam

It was a pretty yucky day out so we ended up just hanging out around the house and visiting.
::Boogie Wipes were our best friend::
::Celebrated Uncle Matt's Birthday::
::Michael had a love/fear relationship with Roxie::
::Watched the boys play outside with the ball::
::Snuggled with Papa::
::Played with Nana and her toys::

It cleared up for a little and we were able to have some fun at the playground

That night Mr. B had to go back home because he had work and school the next day.
Adalyn and I stayed at lake to soak up some more time with her cousins!

The girls had on their matching dresses and they were ready for some "cousin pictures". This was the first time all three of them were together- so pictures were a must! 
They didn't think so.
These are seriously they only pictures I got. 
 It went nothing like I had imagined in my head. 
Silly me...

After that we were on our way for a fun day at Story Land.

While we were riding the merry-go-round the clouds rolled in and it began to downpour.
Of course the strollers were soaked by the time we got off the ride. 
No worries, Auntie A took care of that with a maxi-pad she had in the diaper bag. 
They actually worked really well- super absorbent!
{I'm thinking we could "pin" this for "tips and tricks", don't you think? 
Okay, maybe not... but it was inventive and it did the job!}
Thankfully the ride was next to a store so we ran in there and bought some ponchos.
We were getting ready for lunch anyways, so we ran to the food court and had lunch until it stopped raining. 
Please note: I was careful at keeping my two prized possessions dry. 

The timing was perfect and it cleared up after lunch and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day!

And a special thanks to wonderful Nana for bringing us!
Everyone had so much fun!
It's the beginning of many great memories and vacations together for these little cousins! 


Joeylee said...

looks like you had a great time. Adalyn's smile is the cutest thing ever. She's getting so big.

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looks like you had a great time. Adalyn's smile is the cutest thing ever. She's getting so big.

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