Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wasn't It Just Me

Today my college roomie is going to deliver her baby girl.

I've been checking my phone non-stop the past couple days waiting for the official "It's go time!"

And today is the day!!

Such an exciting time!

The details are still so vivid in my head.

Seriously, wasn't that just me?!

Wasn't that just me breathing through the contractions and anxiously awaiting the time to push and meet our sweet girl??

Wasn't that just me that went through the most painful thing ever only to experience the most joyful feeling ever??

How is it possible that it was a little over 9 months ago??

Two week ago Adalyn officially blessed us as much outside of the womb as she did in.
And let me just say that the past 39 weeks 3 days with her out were so much better than those 9 months in!! 

I am so excited for my friend to get to experience the joy and love of being a mom. 
There really is nothing like it. 

And I can not believe my baby is almost 1.
Wasn't that just me in the delivery room??

{And you can bet there will be some serious newborn fever when I see her pics!}

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Rachel and John said...

Time to have more babies!!!