Sunday, September 2, 2012

8 Month Recap

This has probably been our business month yet- both socially and for you physically!

You weigh about 20.5 pounds.
Wearing size 3 diapers.
9-12 Month clothing.

You have eight teeth!
4 on top and 4 on the bottom.
So it was time for a big girl tooth brush!

Your sleeping has been pretty inconsistent this month because of all our traveling and your sickness, but at some point throughout the day you take two naps- usually a morning and an afternoon..
if you're not talking, standing or trying to get out.
You usually start off sleeping on your belly and then you end up all over the crib in all different ways.
You still sleep with your Elli, your giraffe and giraffe blanket. You don't need to sleep with any of them, but you love them and they help you sleep better when we are traveling.

You love to eat solids.
Plums are your favorite, but you don't have them very often.
Blueberries are also your favorite, although I am not sure how you can even taste them as it seems like you mostly just swallow them. You devour the things and can't get enough.
You also love cheese doodles, you could eat those all day every day I think. Just like your momma.
{I was really impressed you figured out your new snack cup right away}

You love raviolis and most of the new food in the squeeze pouches
Some fun firsts were Auntie Anne's Pretzels, String Cheese and an ice cream cone.

Bottles have been the biggest battle this month.
I am lucky if I get you to take 16 oz.
Hot, cold, sippy or bottle- you're over it.
But you need it.
So I keep trying and take whatever I can get.

We celebrated our 3rd year of marriage and we are beyond thankful that you were to be a apart of this wonderful year!

Uncle CJ took us out on another date!
He is so good to us. 

You are pulling yourself up on everything.

You've figured out cause and effect and you've demonstrated that by playing with some of your toys.
It's been so fun to see.

You love the swings, book and to be read to.
Your favorite book is "Where is Baby's Belly Button?".
Your favorite show is Mickey Mouse.
Your favorite song is the "Hot Dog Song"- you get so excited every time, it never gets old for you or us!

You love Roxie.

You love to give big wet kisses. 

You still love your tubby times!
{And I love that scrunched face}

You have the cutest little curls on either side of your head.
Everyone calls them your little "jewish curls". 
I can't wait to see how your hair will change as you keep getting older.

You love swimming at The Farm.

You started to mimic our voices/sounds.
You recognize the sign for "more", "all done", "water", "sleep" and "potty"
And you sometimes can wave "hi"- you did it for a while, but now you wave once and put your hand in your mouth so I'm not sure what that is all about!
You started to clap, but it looks like you're wiping dirt off your hands- it's so funny!

You came down with your 2nd sickness- it appeared to be the same exact one you had a couple months ago. You had a high fever for a couple days which later turned into a bad cold. We had lots of snuggles and steam showers. You were miserable and moaning when you had your fever- it was the saddest thing! I never enjoy when you are sick, but I will always soak up the extra cuddles that come with it!

We had 3 family reunions this month {of course, the perfect time to be sick} and our own little family vacation!

We went to the lake with Daddy's family. 
You met your 2 cousins and we went to Story Land with Nana.

From there you and I went to Maine to visit with Papa G's family.
Daddy had school and had to work so he couldn't come with us. 
This was your first time in the sand in the water. 

{07.31.12 You signed "more" for the first time. }

We were home for a day and I brought you to the doctors because you had had a bad cold for over a week and it seemed to be moving into your chest. 
You were sick with bronchitis and a slight ear infection in your left ear. Poor thing!
You were so happy and smiley all week- even through your sickness! It wasn't until the end where, for the first time, you were really clingy to me and would cry if someone else held you or I left the room. It seemed to be a quick phase though, I think you were just done with traveling, new people and being sick. You were such a trooper! 

 We went to camp for Reunion with Mimi's family!
You had fun with your 2nd cousin.
You loved the wagon ride!

You climbed all the stairs for the first time.
You were so proud. 
We were too!

Your Great-Grandparent's came to visit.

We took our first family vacation and we went to the beach!
We had so much fun!
We went to the beach when you were 4 months, but that was only for a walk so this was your first real experience and you loved it!

You've been talking more, moving more, laughing more and smiling more.
You make me so proud when we go out and you smile at everyone.
You think everyone is there to look at you and it makes me laugh. 
We love watching your personality develop each day. 
And it's hard to imagine, but just like your personality, our love for you is growing every day too!
Every month is always bittersweet, but we try our hardest to focus on the sweet. 
And you are the sweetest thing, so you make it pretty easy :)


Joeylee said...

She is the cutest. I love her smile!

Suze said...

Ok so have to Ask was your great grandma in pic shown ever a massage therapist!? I swear she looked like this lady that worked with my cousin at her salon like 10 or so years ago! So crazy! Have to ask!

Refrigerator Memories said...

You seem to have the most smiley baby! She is adorable!

Rachel and John said...

Oh my! Her curls are awesome!!!

Holly said...

She couldn't get any cuter! I know I saw that all the time but it's true! I swear...she is gorgeous!