Monday, June 28, 2010

She Did It!

I was trying different sounds on the computer
to catch Roxie doing the infamous boxer head tilt.
She did it.
And she did it with flying colors.
The most extreme head tilt I have ever seen.
And of course, by far the cutest.
The sound is supposedly a "dog growling", although I realize it may come across as something along the lines of me and manly burps.
It's not.
I promise.
Apparently, she was scared the second time around after I hit replay.
Which, needless to say, was also cute.
You really can't help, but love her to pieces.
She is too stinkin' adorable.

I guess this should be a puppy blog now because I am pretty confident that, the rare times that I now post, it will be about her.

I am obsessed.

(I took this with my iPhone, so the quality isn't the best.)

Thanks for all your encouragement as far as the choke collar vs treat training!
She really a naturally amazingly well behaved puppy!! She has the best temperament!
The choke collar was something I didn't feel comfortable with and seemed to be making her aggressive - which is very unlike her personality. So I am done with that for now, I have been doing treat training and is so going so well!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Can't Do It.

I need help.

Roxie will be 10 weeks old on Thursday, I have tried to start training her with the whole "secret to training the perfect dog" thing.

It's so hard.

Originally I was for treat training.

Watched a bunch of episodes of the Dog Whisperer and some other videos online and decided I was against treat training.

I felt like the dog wasn't really being trained, but always looking for/constantly sniffing your hand for/following/wanting the treat and not really obtaining the command being taught.

I see this infomercial for the perfect dog, read the reviews and thought this was it.

At first Roxie was great. She was very calm, loved to sit, cuddle and follow you, never barked, or bit you....

Now she has about 3 "psycho" spells a day. I would much rather have just 3 than for her to be like this all the time, but it's 3 too many for this lady. She's pretty much bipolar and turns into a completely different puppy and it's a little scary. She gets into this big-I-need-to-bark-and-bit- everything-and-everyone. hard. and then two minutes later she is back to Snugglefest 2010.

I am thankful that she isn't like this all the time. I have no idea what I would do if she was. Lord knows I wouldn't survive if I had a dog like that.

When we first got her, we realized she was too little to understand what she was doing and how to be trained, but we also didn't want her think she could get away with certain things. But as the days go on she is learning more and more and we decided it's time to be serious.

So we pulled out the "command collar".
It breaks my heart.
I realize this is part of "parenting", you discipline out of love, but I am starting to feel uncomfortable with this whole mock choke collar situation.
It seems to be making her more aggressive. She doesn't obey like the dogs on the DVD. I am wondering if maybe she is too young. But either way she needs to learn these things now.
I'm thinking about getting my money back from the training DVD and doing the puppy classes, although the dogs that I know that have been don't seem to be the most obedient....but then again when you see me in the backyard dragging Roxie through the grass as she remains extremely stubborn and laying on her back- my dog doesn't look too obedient either.

So I am feeling a bit discouraged.
And sad.
I don't think this is something I want to stick out. It seems to be getting worse, not better.
Between her red neck, her cries, squeals, yelps and barks and feeling like she hates me..I am not sure this is the method for me.

So please tell me what has been successful for you!!
She is really good at sitting, being cute, potty outside, being cute, sleep through the night and being cute.
Still needs to learn all the other commands (including how to walk on a leash), tricks and when to stop biting.
Oh, that's another thing. I am having a hard time figuring out where the line is drawn between puppy play and the evil crazy puppy that has taken the biting too far. I tried spraying water on her face and of course..she loved it. I will try again with a little mouth wash in it and see what happens.

Please help.
Ms. J and Mr. B

Monday, June 21, 2010

You know it's your first puppy when...

You freak out halfway through the 6 hour drive home because you realize she might be a boy dog.

Why would a girl dog have "something" sticking out between her legs?!?
You and your mom try to convince yourselves that a boy's thing isn't set as far back as a girl's.

You look an idiot and ask the vet....just to be sure.

You now call it a pe-jayjay.
{yes, I am very creative when it comes to making up unique names dealing with the private area}

When you're wondering if there should be any concern with the conjoined nipple on her belly....only to find out it's actually her belly button.

You take 1084876 pictures of her every move.

Even the creepy-eyes-rolled-back-dead-to-the-world-mouth-wide-open-look-at-my-little-baby-teeth-sleep.

You take a picture of her paws because you think it is so cool that they are black polka dots.

Only to have it eventually "click" that this is a sign of your precious little pup growing up and her once untainted-pink-smooth-as-a-babies-bum-pads are transforming into uncool black pads.

You are paranoid about every. little.thing. including dehydration.
You have the hardest time disciplining her because you think she is the most adorable thing and how could you ever yell at this sweet sweet face?!

You say something along the lines of "She is too cute!!!" 1098497592028750 times a day.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

She's Here!!

She's so tiny.
She loves to cuddle,
She did great on the long 6 hour car ride,
And she's so adorable....
She slept pretty much the whole way...

totally candid & totally funny.

She slept through the Red Sox game with Mr. B

& she rested on my leg while I blogged about her
{my hand isn't that big in real life}

She's been sleeping all day and we are hoping that won't mean she will be up all night.
But it's ok if she is because she is so stinkin' a.dor.a.ble.

Friday, June 4, 2010


week from today Mama Grace, my sister and I are taking a mini road trip to pick up this little cutie!!!
I feel like time has gone by so slow.
Probably due to the fact that we have technically been waiting since March.

We are so excited that it is now only days away.
Isn't she adorable???

I am getting a little nervous as she approaches her last vet appointment because that is when we lost the other pup we were supposed to get. But we trust that God will work everything out! So far she is super healthy, cuddly when you want to cuddle and playful when you want to play.

The other night I was having trouble falling asleep so I was watching TV. There were other things on, but I chose to watch an infomercial. Because I am cool like that. They suck me in every.time. Such a talent they have- the ability to make you want need to buy it right now.
So Don Sullivan's How to Train the Perfect Dog sucked me in that night. How could I resist a trainer known as The Dogfather?? He must know what he is talking about.

Ummm...Hello?!? With just 3 2 easy payments YOU can have the perfect dog.


It took everything in my power not to wake up Mr.B {I am sure he is very thankful that I didn't} For some reason, I don't think we would've shared the same excitement.
I haven't heard many success stories from the puppy school, so I decided we could save a little money and try this out.

I finally bought it last night.
I haven't received a confirmation email or anything yet, which makes me a little nervous.

So now [if I ever receive it} it's a given- we will have the almost perfect dog. AND all with just two easy 'bout that :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here's the Thing....

To look like this....

I need to give up this...
And these...
And these....

And these...

And my all time fav., my staple....

And trade it in for this....

with little dressing, no cheese and no croutons {aka boring and gross}...

And give up this....

For this...



You see, it's really not my thing.

I just don't know if I am ready.

I don't think it's worth it.

But I do.

But I don't.

I really don't want to {and won't} give up on all that deliciousness.

So instead, I complain that I don't have that body because I would match rather it magically appear than to do all that. It's a lot easier.

So any secret tips on how to look like that without exercising and giving up all the goodness are welcome. =)

Sidenote: Yesterdays' post was not supposed to be a poor-me-negative-nancy! My life is wonderful, I thought those little things were comical. I appreciate all your kind comments though! If crumbled bread, burnt breakfast and a bright purple wall is the worst part of my day- I'm doing pretty good!

Double Sidenote: Let's talk So You Think You Can Dance for a sec. There is just way too many contemporary dancers. Sometimes I get it and like it, sometimes I don't. It's getting to be a little much- where are the hip hop dancers??

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I haven't updated my blog in 2 weeks and I've been leaving my poor friends who are addicted to the smell in withdrawals.


Made a delicious, perfectly baked blueberry bread for Mr. B. Decided I would put it on a plate to make the bread that much more presentable. With the intentions, of course, being he would be that much more impressed at his amazing little housewife. I was going to be late for Bible Study. I was rushed. Not thinking I cut the bread in the pan. The bread wasn't ready to be transferred. It was too hot. I tried my best. It crumbled everywhere. On the plate at least. I tried to keep it in on piece. The blueberries burnt my hand. I'm sure he was so impressed.
Enjoy your blueberry bread crumble, babe!

Every morning I burn my breakfast in the toaster oven. I haven't quite figured out what exact position to put the timer on. Apparently my mind can't comprehend "Dark" "Medium" or "Light" .... I kind of miss the toaster where I just had to push the button down and it would pop up when it was done. Not a huge fan of being in control of this situation. Maybe I should stick to cereal...

I had a pretty sage green picked out for an accent wall in our bedroom. Mr. B thought it would be too much green and put his foot down. Of course, being that he is a guy, he said he didn't want that color, but couldn't give me any other suggestions. You know those days when you just disagree to disagree? I think he was having one of those days. Hindsight he probably would've left his foot up. No, I don't think that makes sense or is even a phrase that has ever been used, but guess what, I am back to blogging so just roll with me, ok? We needed something light because our room is small, we needed something to match our bed set...I see a picture of like a fuchsia background with a bright green flower. I have a horrible great idea- let's be daring, bold ad drastic and do something like this. Mr. B agrees. Clearly, neither of us were in the right state of mind that day. I wish I could say we had no choice, we bought the gallon of paint and decided to go with it, but nope. We bought a sample, tried it out, still decided to go with it, went to the store again and purchased a gallon.

We had two different kinds of rooms going on. The wall was not an accent wall it was the BAM-OOOO-YIKES-HELLO-EVERYONE-LOOK-AT-ME-WALL. It didn't go with the whole comforter set, just parts of it. The small bright green parts. It also didn't really go with the other decor we had. It didn't make our room look any bigger. We almost hated it, we certainly didn't love it. We convinced ourselves it would look good if we bought some new decor to tie it all together.
I went shopping while Mr. B was at work, it matched perfectly. I was a little proud. I sent him the pics.

Apparently we are now living in a 10 year old girl's room.
I thought I was crossing the "too girly" line a tad, but it matched and I figured I would give it a whirl and see what he thought. We lived with it for a few days, it was beginning to grow on us, but it still needed something else. That little room was just not meant for that drastic of a color. Maybe, maybe if the room was more spacious it would have flowed together a little better.
Mr. B wanted to relax and had no desire to paint another wall, but I told him how much money we would be saving if we repainted it and I returned all the stuff I bought in an effort to beautify the room. He agreed {I knew that would work, anything to save money!} So I returned all the stuff....
and bought new stuff for around the house. I have a problem where I usually buy things, return them with hopes of getting money back, find new things, buy them and end up paying more.


So we go back to being boring. I use the left over paint we had from the living room and repaint our bedroom.
Primed it, painted it, made a mess, did several coats and let it dry.
I peek into the room to see the final look and...
Oh how perfect, I managed to make a giant shiny streak in the most perfect spot for the sun to hit it in such a way that it sticks out almost as much as the other decor. Way. to. Go. Me.

I am on Day 4 on Day everything-should-be-finished-because-tonight-is-bible-study. {I did really good last weeks, but this whole painting fiasco and the long weekend messed my sched.}

30 Day Shred is nonexistent as is the space between my thighs. They have reunited once again.


At least I am not failing at the important things, right?? :)
We are finally settling in, it feels like home again and hopefully I will keep this thing updated!

New Strategy: Achieve. We will see how it goes...